Church Council

Matthew Laferty
Description of Activities: Provide spiritual care, organize and lead worship, responsible for property management, church chief administrative officer
Lay Member, Annual Conference
Oscar Van Rooy

Tinu_Aganga-WilliamsSunday School
Tinu Aganga-Williams
Jerry_BartonChair of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee
Jerry Barton

Lorraine Welch-Haslinger
Sanctuary3 027Music Director
Marilyn Brandl
Description of Activities: Make sure that each Sunday worship service has an accompanist and some type of special music to enhance the service. Work with the pastor on special services and events involving the five ESUMC choirs and other ESUMC musicians. Direct and rehearse the Chancel Choir.
Sanctuary3 029Hospitality, Representative to Joint Board of Building
and Finance
Deborah Koll-Petty
DianaHospitality & Church Secretary
Diana Mangan
Description of Activities: Oversee the kitchen and supplies for coffee fellowship. Preparing and serving during soup fellowship. Coordinating for other events such as harvest festival.
SigridRepresentative of the VIGC
Sigrid Anusie
Description of Activities: Coordination of rehearsals and concerts, leader of the group
Next activities: Rehearsals on Friday, Music Sunday
Representative to Joint Board of Building
and Finance
Joe Mangan
Franz HaslingerChair, Finance Committee
Franz Haslinger
Andrew Stones
Finance Chair
Delia Viljoen
Description of Activities: The chair of the financial committee must ensure that all financial processes of fundraising, managing and distribution of the finances of the church are accomplished.
Sarah BrustmannYoung Adult Representative & Alternate Lay Delegate, Annual Conference
Sarah Brustmann
Noussi ZahramanYouth Representative
Noussi Zahraman
melissaYoung Families
Melissa Scherer
Sarah Kudaya
ricardoPublicity & Website Manager
Ricardo Valente
Rachel AllenWomen's Bible Study
Rachel Allen
George_AckwonuFellowship Breakfast
George Ackwonu