Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Dr Tom Garrison with his dog Lucca

Reverend Dr. Tom Garrison is our Interim Pastor until Rev. John Calhoun begins 29 November 2020.  He has kindly agreed to serve as our Guest Pastor throughout the Fall. He retired in 2016 and moved with his wife, Renata, to her hometown Vienna.  Rev. Tom is originally from Alabama, having first served in the United States Air Force before following the call to serve God. Educated at Faulkner University, Amridge University, Auburn University and received his Doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary in the United States. Rev. Tom holds Ordained standing in two denominations; Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ.  He has not only served in many churches in the United States and Canada as Senior Pastor or as Interim Pastor, respectively, but also held the position as a Chaplain, taught as a  Professor in University and Seminary , and has counselling experience in grief crises, depression, and conflict. One of his loves is teaching and has taught at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, England. He has written three books of sermons, his latest is “The Word in other Words”.  Rev. Tom  is available for pastoral calls and other needs that may arise.

Mobile: +43 660 2015 392
Email: tmaxgarr[at]

He states: “It is my desire to always speak to the best in people, for in doing so will we encounter God’s grace.”

Pastors Who Served ESUMC

1978 – 1981Lee and Edith Varner
1981 – 1987Paul Hanack
1987Bob Parker
1987 – 1988Jim Dwyer (interim)
1988 – 1991Glenn and Kay Fuller
1991 – 1997Bill Mooney
1997Bill Daniel (interim)
1997 – 2004Robert Hunt
2004 – 2011Laura Trent
2011 – 2015Kathy Young
2015 – 2020Matthew A. Laferty
2020Tom M. Garrison (interim)