The Children’s Choir, under the dedicated leadership of Deborah Koll-Petty, has been in existence since 1992 with a two-year break due to the lack of children of correct age (ages 5-12, with a few exceptions). We practice most, but not all, Sundays immediately after Sunday School. The purpose of our Children’s Choir is threefold:

1) to give children who enjoy singing an opportunity to do so;

2) to give them the opportunity to praise and glorify the Lord in their own special way within the worship service at least four times a year (e.g., Harvest Festival, Christmas Program, Palm Sunday, Music Sunday); and

3) to help them develop their singing and musical skills for the future, at which time they will hopefully sing in the Youth Choir and then in the Chancel Choir.

We have many children in our congregation who love to sing, and we’d like to have them all join the Children’s Choir!