Worship services at the ESUMC are held at 11.15hrs every Sunday of the year as well as on special occasions; for example Holy Thursday and Christmas Eve services.

The role of the worship committee is a very integral part towards providing a comfortable and meaningful worship experience each and every time for our church community. The yearly church calendar of services and special events from September to August according to the Church Liturgical Seasons is presented to the leaders of the Church Council in the beginning of September every year.

While the weekly order of worship together with its hymns is thoughtfully planned out by our Pastor, he/she also receives and welcomes support and suggestions from the Worship Team as well as various other leaders from the Church Council. Preparations also need to be made before every service requiring the help and dedication of various individuals. Among them are those that take care of the altar cloths, floral arrangements and altar candles, those that help to prepare communion elements, those that lay read, those that provide the lay reader with the required readings, those who usher as well as greet and those that help to run the sound system. At the ESUMC, all these responsibilities no matter how great or small are undertaken by willing and able volunteers and they are assigned to these tasks on a monthly duty roster.

At least once a year, the Worship Committee provides training for Lay Readers, Ushers and Sound Technicians. Recruitment of new volunteers is also encouraged so if you have received the calling and would like to share your God given talents to serve as a worship leader in whatever capacity, we truly welcome you.

The worship team comprises of 8 members currently and meets officially twice a year or as and when necessary.

For suggestions and feedback pertaining to worship, please contact us:
Tel:(+43) 664 2550513
email: raine_lily@yahoo.com