Other ESUMC Vienna Mission Projects

Last year, the ESUMC Vienna provided assistance locally and around the world. Gifts and support were given to prostitutes in Vienna through the local “Herzwerk” charity, and through the “Schmetterlingskinder” charity to “Butterfly Children” suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa.

Mission support was given through UMCOR and the Advance to the Philippine Relief Project, to the Imagine No Malaria Project and to support the development of a Roma Mission and Community Center. Recently the ESUMC purchased and shipped German language bibles and children’s books for a German language UMC congregation in the United States.

A significant portion of the congregation of the ESUMC Vienna has family ties to countries in Africa. Although not directly affected, the search for a way to prevent and treat the Ebola Virus Disease is important to them. At its annual Harvest and Thanksgiving Festival in October a special collection raise $ 920 in support of UMCOR’s activities against EVD.


The ESUMC Vienna has a congregation from all walks of life and from over 30 countries around the world. It is dependent on donations from members and friends in Vienna and around the world. Last year’s donations on Giving Tuesday helped finance the local activities of the ESUMC Vienna, such as educational materials for youth and adults and the mission work mentioned above. Donations are possible online at The Advance project site – just search for “ESUMC Vienna” or enter the project number #12001A. The direct link is


Vienna, Austria in November 2014