Results of Ballot #1 on Congregational Decisions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual congregational meeting (called a church conference or Bezirksversammlung) was cancelled. The superintendent authorized the elected leaders of the church (who are collectively called a charge conference or Bezirkskonferenz) to make decisions on behalf of the congregation’s members pursuant to §246 of church law (Kirchenordnung). Read the Pastor Matthew’s letter with the superintendent’s directives.

The charge conference (Bezirkskonferenz) voted on four issues in a secret written ballot (Ballot #1). The questions and outcome of each question is listed below:

  1. Election of Doreen Ighama as delegate to the 2020 Austrian annual conference – APPROVED/ELECTED
  2. ESUMC 2020 Budget – APPROVED
  3. ESUMC 2019 Financial Audit – APPROVED
  4. Nominations Committee Proposal for Structural Reorganization – NOT APPROVED

Copies of the budget, financial audit, and nomination committee’s proposal are available in the church office.