African Singers and Drummers

Wherever two or more Africans are found, the mix of melody and rhythm is also most likely to be present. With over 10 different African nations represented at ESUMC, it is not surprising the African Singers and Drummers are an important part of the community.

The worship services at ESUMC are constantly enriched with African songs. Most of our songs are the “sing-along” types, whose dynamic rhythms move people to their feet and find it irresistible to dance. The easy ability to harmonize voice parts in their singing, make it also easy to learn the songs. Part of our repertoire is non-African songs.

Our doors are open to ALL. We welcome all who enjoy singing African Christian songs to praise God. Do you not need to be from Africa to sing in the choir? The choir is comprised of Africans and non-Africans from different countries.

The African Singers and Drummers practice every Sunday after worship service for a period of 45 minutes.